We’ve got a casting for a big campaign of toys for children.

We are looking for:


– Girl 7-9 years old – dark-skinned or mixed race

– Girl 8-9 y.o. – caucasian kind of beauty

– Boy 6-7 y.o. – dark-skinned or mixed race

– Boy 7-12 y.o. – caucasian kind of beauty

– Girl 10 y.o. – latina/hispanic

– Girl 7 y.o – Chinese, Asian origin- Child 8-10 y.o. – with a physical or intellectual disability – it is important for the client that all children participate in the advertisements.
(NOTE Children participating in the casting must have a permit from the National Labor Inspectorate. Parents will receive instructions on how to submit an application in response to the application.)


Woman 20 – 40 y.o. – dark-skinned or mixed race

Man 30 – 45 y.o. – dark-skinned or mixed race

Man 35-40 y.o. – latin/hispanic origin – NOTE in the commercial he will play a father who is raising a child in a relationship with another father

Man 30-40 y.o. – Chinese, Asian origin

Man 60 y.o. – Chinese origin

Man 35-60 y.o. – Japanese or Asian origin (he is supposed to play Japanese ), tired of living

PLEASE SEND YOUR CURRENT PHOTOS SIGNED WITH NAME + SURNAME + AGENCY ON E-MAIL       EMAIL’S TITLE: TOYSIn the e-mail, write: I can / cannot be at the stationary casting in Warsaw.We invite you to the casting – stationary or selftape – based on photos.Stationary – we will arrange specific hours so you don’t have to be afraid of crowds.Selftape – we will send instructions for business cards and scenes to be recorded.

WE ARE WAITING FOR PHOTO PROPOSALS UNTIL FRIDAY, March 25, 2021, 22.00 – but the sooner the better !!!


Stationary casting on March 30 and 31RECALL: April 13 or 14 or 15Shooting days: 1 or 2 days between April 22 and May 7Wage: from PLN 5,000 to PLN 13,000 depending on the role (there are no refunds for travel and accommodation BUT there are GREAT WAGES!)



sty 02 - 03 2018


08:00 - 18:00

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